Top 5 Fast Foods in Pakistan

These days I’ve come up with 5 scrumptious speedy elements for Ramadan. revel in nontraditional rapid substances in iftar and have a terrific time the moments together with your own family.

Everyday in Ramadan, we put together snacks and appetizer food; however, nowadays we’re going to speak approximately a few speedy foods recipes that you may serve at iftar and make some distinction between your monotonously ordinary life. What you devour in Iftar usually? might be pakora, samosa, chana chaat, or some vegetable rolls.

Allow me to describe 5 rapid meals for Ramadan to grace up your iftar table. Following are the fast meals apart from Ramadan meals traditions.

  1. Chicken PIZZA


Pizza fills up the ingesting desk with colorings and joys. it is been very clean to make    now. permit’s smash fast these days with the most scrumptious speedy food i.e. pizza.




Zingers have taken the region of fashionable burgers available anywhere spherical us. Crispy hen fillet enriched with sauces and chutneys make the zinger an unforgettable piece of food. whilst you recall that you could make it in very quick time, it is taken into consideration as speedy meals. enjoy it in iftar.

3. Chicken LASAGNA


Lasagne or Lasagna is an Italian meals famous all over the worldwide. It has rapidly become an in-name for and universal most crucial course meals in Pakistani lifestyle. don’t deem it harder to make any more. without a doubt try grade by grade recipe with the aid of using Sooperchef and enjoy today iftar with a scrumptious manner.



fried chicken.jpg

Spice and Spruce up your iftar by way of serving spicy fried bird. don’t permit your own family human beings to become bored with identical fried snacks over and over but create the distinction with rapid meals recipes for Ramadan. try this nowadays.

5. Chicken SATAY


Chicken satay is a completely unique speedy food for Ramadan. It is ready with boneless chicken with some spices and peanut butter which makes its taste specific. offer it an attempt, you will desire it again, it is a bet.

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