5 Tips for Healthy Ramzan During Summer

People who are traveling or living in Pakistan, and celebrating Ramadan are combating a constant warfare towards dehydration intensified with the aid of the summer time warmness. Water is the maximum critical fluid to fulfill our thirst; unluckily, humans do no longer consume sufficient of it.

Despite the fact that staying hydrated in Ramadan might also seem difficult, specifically in case you are journeying by way of the street, it’s far all approximately eating the right meals or ingesting water at the proper time.

1. Drink at the least 8 glasses of water every day

This may be finished by means of consuming 2 glasses of water at sehri, breaking you’re speedy with another 2 glasses and consuming 4 or more glasses inside the length among.

2. Consume meals with excessive water content material

Consuming 8 glasses of water over this sort of quick span of time can also appear to be an not possible venture. thankfully, there may be any other manner out. you could make amends for the loss of water within the meals you consume. culmination and veggies with high water content material are cucumbers, lettuce, inexperienced peppers, and watermelon.

3. Drink fresh fruit juices instead of sweetened juices

just juice.jpg
Sweetened juices no longer best make a contribution to weight advantage but aren’t as powerful as clean fruit juices in quenching thirst. clean fruit juices are rich in water and fiber and continue to be within the intestine for longer lowering thirst.

4. keep away from food with too much salt and spice

Salt and spice growth the frame’s want for water and therefore purpose dehydration extra than some other foods. This is going for all the food fans in Karachi and Lahore who are found consuming they are favorite highly spiced food at streets after iftar.

5. Keep away from drinking an excessive amount of water at iftars

Eating an excessive amount of water at the iftari time, not best doesn’t help lessen dehydration but causes indigestion which creates greater issues rather than fixing them.


Article By foodnetwork.com


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