Top 5 Sweet Recipes in Pakistan

Pakistani Mithai dishes are the most important part of each birthday party. without mithai dish, any event is incomplete in Pakistan. Pakistani humans love to eat sweet dishes after food mainly after dinner.

As all of us recognise that the Pakistani Mithai dishes are regarded to be because the yummy and scrumptious food in the complete international. right here are 5 popular Pakistani candy dishes , which are yummy.


Right here are five famous Pakistani Mithai dishes. Allow’s take a look at out these maximum famous Mithai dishes under.

5. Jalebi:


Jalebi is referred to as the most wanted Mithai dish in Pakistan. human beings eat jalebi in every evening tea time. it’s also called the yummy road candy dish in huge towns of Pakistan. Served in the course of fairs and unique activities, this dessert recipe is cherished not simply via youngsters however adults too. The crisp sugary spirals flavor notable when served piping hot

4. Sohan Halwa:

Sohan Halwa is also called Multani Halwa. it’s far the maximum well-known sweet dish of Multan. it’s far frequently the usage of for a gift cause, but it’s miles a yummy Mithai wilderness of Pakistan. Sohan Halwa is also a conventional Mithaithat is dense, gooey and simply melts to your mouth.

3. Gulab Jamun:

gulab jaman.jpg

Gulab Jamun is an every other most preferred sweet dish in Pakistan. Gulab Jamun is the need to have Mithai dish in eachevent, even each celebrations, have fun with gulab jamun.

2. Gajjar Ka Halwa:

gajar ka halwa.jpg

Gajjar Ka Halwa is the satisfactory candy dish in Pakistan. it is acknowledged to be as the maximum scrumptious candy dish of wintry weather season. In wintry weather season, human beings love to devour gajjar ka halwa. you canadditionally make it at domestic.

1. Kheer:


Kheer is the maximum famous candy dish in Pakistan. Pakistani humans usually rejoice any event with kheer. Kheer is likewise the most worrying dish for wedding ceremony occasions.


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